There was a need for a freshly crafted natural bar born out of a passion for adding value to the community and transforming the food bar industry. That’s when San Diego Bar came into existence and why the start-up concept continues to deliver high-quality, healthy, and all-natural food bars that resonate with the beautiful nature and active lifestyle of America’s Finest City. 

A health and wellness professional and endurance athlete, Feras Maidaa, founder of San Diego Bar, used his background in exercise studies and nutrition to create a product that covers all three properties of the ultimate nutritional bar. It’s rare to find all three properties–taste, texture, and nutrition–in other products out there, but San Diego Bar has them all.

By hosting their own manufacturing facility, San Diego Bar is a small business that is uniquely capable of freshly crafting their bars from scratch right here in town. In addition to being all-natural, their bars are also raw, vegan, gluten-free, have no added sugars, and contain 10 grams of protein. All of this from using six high-quality, unprocessed, wholesome ingredients.

San Diego Bar also takes pride in its emphasis on social responsibility and the ability to give back to our community. An immigrant turned American citizen, Feras Maidaa, like many others, came to this country for the American Dream. While volunteering over the years within his community, he found a calling in helping refugees who are struggling to find job opportunities. “By having our own manufacturing facility, we are proud that a large portion of our operational staff is hired out of San Diego's own refugee community,” Maidaa says. 

Besides creating jobs, San Diego Bar also sponsors, a nonprofit organization that supports sports and education for San Diego students and international students in Homs, Syria where Maidaa was born. 

The purpose and mission behind San Diego Bar is to put wellness first by feeding people healthy, fresh, and super flavorful natural bars with tons of benefits so that you can live life to your fullest.

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