It’s no secret that fresh herbs pack a punch in spite of their small size. Not only do they lend a delicious flavor to your culinary creations but herbs can also benefit your overall health. They’re easy to grow in the garden and especially easy to grow in pots. Herbs have no need for a large space so you can start growing and enjoying your own herbs today.

Here are some of our favorites to help you get started.


Use this fragrant herb in marinades for fish and meats, in pestos for pastas, or simply pair leaves with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil for a delightful Mediterranean salad. Basil thrives in warmer temperatures. Finissino Verde A Palla bush basil, Italian Pesto, and Lettuce Leaf are a few of the best culinary varieties to choose from. 


Use varieties that are labeled “slow bolt” to flavor meats, curries, and sauces. Cilantro grows best in cool weather and has powerful antibiotic properties. Check out this article from Grangetto's about making coriander spice with your cilantro.


With a subtle, dry aroma, thyme is commonly used in poultry, stuffing, fish sauces, chowders, and soups. Not only is it delicious but thyme is also resilient in dry conditions and can serve as a beautiful ground cover or garden edging.


This herb is a hardy perennial in warmer climates and is easily grown from either seeds or cuttings. Oregano is drought-resistant, low-maintenance, and has significant antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Try adding it to bean, meat, and pasta dishes.


This staple is easy to grow year-round in sunny San Diego. Look for Blue Spires, Gorizia, and Tuscan Blue varieties. Avoid plants with strong pine or turpentine undertones. Rosemary is wonderful with meats, potatoes, vegetables, and cheeses.


French tarragon’s potent flavor is sweet with a hint of anise, often used in making flavored vinegars and oils; scrambled eggs with fresh tarragon are “a bit of heaven” if you ask us.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself foregoing the dried herbs for the diverse and richer flavors of the fresh. They will enliven even the simplest of dishes, and they can serve as a beautiful backdrop to the fruit trees you planted this spring! 

These are just a few tricks of the trade but there’s always more to learn to perfect the art of gardening. Here’s a more detailed guide to Growing Herbs in San Diego and there's always more expert growing advice on the Grangetto’s Farm & Garden website anytime you need it.

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