What is Kohlrabi?

Brassica oleracea gongylodes, German for “cabbage turnip”, this vegetable is making impressive cameos at farmers’ markets, in home kitchens, and on the menu of some of San Diego’s best restaurants, like Wrench and Rodent in Oceanside.

What does Kohlrabi taste like? Why should I grow it?

Shaved, pickled, roasted, sautéd or pureed, Kohlrabi is crunchy, juicy, and mildly sweet. The vegetable is a blank canvas ready to receive almost any flavor, and you can eat the stem, the bulb, and the leaves. You don’t want to miss this fiber-rich member of the cabbage family during the winter months.The best news? Kohlrabi is easy to grow in San Diego.


How to Grow it

Luke Girling of Cyclops Farms recommends starting your plants indoors about four to six weeks before you plant outside.

The Eder variety matures fast, so eager growers can harvest when the first stem is one inch in diameter. The young and tender crop begs to be devoured straight from the ground.

Where to Buy Seeds

Pick up seeds to grow your own kohlrabi at Seabreeze Family Farm, or visit Cyclops Farms for a list of farmers’ markets and restaurants featuring our new favorite crop!

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