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Preserving food not only allows you to extend the life of fresh produce; the end result is also a long-lasting product that can be enjoyed for months or even years. Feel free to get creative with flavors and combinations.

Check out the recipes below to get started with preserving.

Tomato and saffron jam pairs well with cornbread. Image: Olivia Hayo.

Jams & Preserves 

Beet Pickled Kohlrabi. Image: Olivia Hayo.

Fermented & Pickled Food 

More Preserving Resources 

  • Discover more ways to preserve your food with this article by Edible Phoenix 
  • The Fermenter’s Club in San Diego offers an online course on fermenting and hosts a plethora of recipes to try 
  • City Farmers Nursery carries everything you need canning and pickling, such as mason jars and grippers
This Japanese soup makes for a life-changing breakfast.

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