Chef Poe Earnest.

We couldn’t be more excited to share our recent conversation with Chef Poe Earnest of ReBeLFoodie. ReBeLFoodie ByPOE LLC, is a Black-owned and operated business located in the heart of Ocean Beach California. Chef Poe and his wife Alvie Earnest had the vision to create unique, fun, and elevated culinary experiences for the foodies.

These dishes are for those who enjoy trying new interpretations of classics as well as completely new plates created by the inventive mind of Chef Poe.

Chef Poe at the OB Farmers Market

What inspired you to become a chef?

That’s a great question and a wonderful way to kick this off. What inspired me to become a chef was my mother—the late, great Carolyn Marie Earnest. She was an amazing cook and the original source of my inspiration. I was enamored with her ability to manifest creative and flavorful miracle meals with a handful of ingredients. The journey progressed from there.

Dragged Through the Garden Vegetable and Three Bean Chili—crispy garlic, crushed red pepper, pea shoots, toasted cumin seeds, oat-zarella vegan cheese, cayenne pepper, thin crackers, tomatillo oil, cilantro, and parsley.

Please tell us more about the type of food or dishes you prepare. What is the inspiration behind your dishes?

My brand is called ReBeLFoodie ByPOE LLC. As you can see the R/B/L is capitalized to highlight the intent which is to provide you and yours with ReBeLlious+Bold+Liberated Food to experience from a chef who doubles as a foodie feeding and inspiring the community of foodies. One of my niches is gourmet street food, which elevates popular and unpopular street food, revises traditional dishes, bridges the Midwest with the West Coast in terms of trends, styles, and cuisine, and incorporates abstract ingredients and loud colors to satisfy the eye prior to the stomach.

Where do you like to shop for your ingredients?

I shop at a plethora of wonderful local establishments from small to big businesses such as:  

When I’m on the hunt for a specialty item and I’m unable to acquire it in the city of San Diego, I’ll order it online. Locally sourced first and foremost. Diversity is Master Key.

What do you love about San Diego's food scene?

I’m in love with the uptick of amazing Black-owned restaurants, food trucks, and catering companies. I’m excited about the growth of veganism all over the city. I love what they got going on at Seaport Village. I’m a huge fan of the phenomenal Mexican food made available to us here. I like Baja cuisine as well. The most important thing to note about the San Diego food scene is the fact that it’s all centered around being a Navy Port so there is always room and opportunity for the food scene to progress as it does frequently. We get people from all over the world to visit or relocate here. All that creative energy, influence, and education in heavy rotation—this is why DayGo is America's Finest City.

Four places I want to highlight are Tropical Vegan Cafe (shout out to Chef Geannie Jordana),  The Yasai, and Ortega’s in Ocean Beach. My non-vegan choice is CanePatch Kitchen in Liberty Public Market.

Oatmeal Crusted Chicken Strips with Mashed Roasted Red Potato—red pepper spread, chipotle barbecue sauce, and macerated wild baby arugula.

What is your go-to dish when cooking for you and your family?

That answer depends on the season and or the mood I’m in. I also factor in what my wife has a taste for at that particular moment.

Here’s a few go-to dishes I like to whip up:

  • Grilled 3 cheese and roasted vegetable sandwich.
  • Gourmet chili with vegan cornbread
  • An abundant garden vegetable salad with my lemon-roasted corn vinaigrette or chermoula dressing

Please tell us more about the services you offer.  

I offer a list of services:

  • Exclusive private chef services, catering onsite or drop-off food private or corporate clients
  • Food vendor service for any winery, brewery, bar, kombuchary, etc.
  • Meal plan service
  • Recipe and product development
  • Culinary consultant
  • Pop-ups
  • Travel chef service
  • Mentorship
  • Food tours
  • In-person or virtual cooking classes
  • TV show in development (feature slots available)
  • E-cookbook in development
  • Content creation            

Chef Poe has over 25 years of experience in the culinary industry as a chef ranging from fine dining establishments, ethnic cuisine, fusions, industrial cooking, fast fine, corporate dining etc. You can follow Chef Poe on social media. For inquiries about his services, email him at

Plant-based Triple Decker Club Sando—herb veganaise, jalapeño-cilantro hummus, shaved cucumber, plant-based hickory smoked deli meat, plant-based bologna, smoked vegan provolone cheese, toasted vegan bread, teardrop tomatoes, carrot, celery, kosher dill pickle, blistered sweet peppers, blackberries, and love.
Vegan Farmers Market Special—vegan garlic aioli, plenty of spinach, roasted turmeric potatoes, and crispy beet chips, onions, and beans.

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