We reached out to Torie Borrelli, holistic nutritionist and founder of The Vida Well, to talk about food. Borrelli is the author of the Mexican Keto Cookbook and developed a cooking school at Rancho La Puerta, the world-renowned health spa and resort in Tecate. She also works with brands like Siete Foods and Chosen Foods to develop product recipes that are healthy and delicious.

Read on to learn about her mealtime basics and get the recipe for a vegan cashew spread from the Mexican Keto Cookbook.

Image: Lucianna Macintosh
Image: Courtesy Torie Borreli

What staples do you keep in your fridge?

Pastured eggs, greens, almond milk, butter, nut butter, fermented foods, grass-fed meat.

What meals do you make on repeat?

Smoothies, salads, and tacos.

What's in your pantry and what will you make with it?

Anchovies, tomatoes, Mary’s crackers, Siete Foods chips will become chips and guacamole, and marinara sauce.


Name the three most important kitchen practices that help get you by?

1. Make time to meal prep.

2. Premake smoothies in reusable bags like Stashers.

3. Always have bone broth on hand.

Are you enjoying seasonal ingredients or dishes?        

Yes, I love supporting local farmers since it's the most nutrient-dense of all the veggies in the store due to how it was grown and when it was picked. Right now I am loving the radishes, green onions, and leafy green.!

What do you love about San Diego's food scene?

It has become a mini San Francisco, with a focus on local—which I love and support!

Where do you like to shop for food and dine out?      

Specialty Produce, farmers markets, Cook Pigs (local high-quality meat and egg delivery). We have not been eating out much but when we do, we love Soichi Sushi, Waverly, and The Fishery!  

What steps do you take to support a sustainable food system and why are these values important to you?  

In my household, we do not use any plastic. This has been years of transition and I am very proud of it. Being a nutritionist and struggling with hormonal and inflammatory issues, plastics are endocrine distributing and can cause disease and other inflammatory disorders. I also don’t eat any animal protein that I do not know how or who killed it; I am lucky to bow hunt and have access to sustainable meat. My values of lowering the household toxins and chemicals and the quality of food I consume and recommend to my clients all comes back to sustainability and health for not just us but Mother Earth.

Make sure to try this vegan cashew spread from The Mexican Keto Cookbook.

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