Try mixing up a Metabolism Makeover for yourselves. Recipe and image courtesy of Higher Vibration Tonics.

There’s a sort of evolution happening in the beverage world—and mixologists and creators in San Diego are joining the movement. Drinkers are choosing to avoid alcohol, or to simply enjoy it more mindfully. It’s undeniable that more people are looking for conscious alternatives to the traditional drinking culture.

Good News is a bar coming to San Diego in 2024, and it seeks to create an inclusive place for everyone to enjoy an alcohol-free experience. The goal is simple: foster a safe space that serves delicious drinks and encourages conscious connections for all. Crystal and Kaylee Clark, the couple behind Good News, encountered their own toxic interactions with alcohol while working in the industry and this inspired them to work toward moving drinking culture in a different direction. “Our society glamorizes alcohol, but everyone has their own relationship with it, so it is important to provide an alternative and showcase social opportunities where alcohol is not the central theme,” Crystal Clark says. “This will impact and benefit our communities in profound ways.”

Higher Vibration Tonics, a local shrub brand, offers alcohol-free mixology at events around San Diego. Lauren Lucek and Angelina Keselburg prepare shrub- and tea-based beverages that focus on local ingredients and seasonal flavors. Their unique and delicious approach to zero-proof cocktail creation is a delightful departure from traditional mocktail options. (Try out their spring recipe included below.)

The Beverage Botanist, Brianna Wilkerson, is curating something special to bring people together for mindful drinking and mingling. Wilkerson specializes in making both alcohol-based and zero-proof garden-to-glass cocktails inspired by functional botanicals and recently organized the Enlightened Social Club. Happening twice a month, the venue-hopping event offers a supportive atmosphere where alcohol-conscious drinkers can gather. While alcohol is present, making social connections is the focus. “The trend is clear,” Wilkerson says, “people are choosing more intentionality. They want to drink in a different way— moving in a more positive direction for their personal and social health.”

If you are looking to change your relationship with alcohol, whether to enjoy it mindfully or not at all, there are more options than ever before. Many San Diego breweries are brewing nonalcoholic craft beers, distilleries are creating zero-proof alternatives to your favorite spirits, and alcohol-free wine is popping up on the shelves. Beverages using adaptogens and functional botanicals can even cultivate a healthy social buzz. And many bartenders in San Diego are getting innovative with their zero-proof cocktail creations.

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Metabolism Makeover

Trade in the hangover for healthy benefits with this mocktail mixed with seasonal shrubs from Higher Vibration Tonics.

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