Stepheni Norton

Stepheni’s farming journey began after purchasing the historic Dickinson homestead...

Stepheni’s farming journey began after purchasing the historic Dickinson homestead, subsequently deploying and falling ill. After almost three years of misdiagnosis, she was properly diagnosed with stage 3 Lyme Disease, and promptly started daily IV treatment. A few months of struggling to find fresh and clean food that didn’t contraindication with her medicines, she took matters into her own hands – learning the business of farming, designing a farm layout and business plan from the IV chair.

Dickinson Farm, an heirloom fruit, vegetable and herb farm, is the first and only licensed farm in National City since the early 1900s.

Now rebranded to W.D. Dickinson, in 4 years the farm has grown in size and offerings. From 300sq ft for personal use to 1/4 acre, yielding just over 4000 lbs annually, and now includes a farm store, small batch pantry and home good product lines, meal prep, home delivery, private event space, monthly public events, and private agri-business workshops.

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