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The King Kahlua Cocktail


Make Nutmeg Infused Angostura Bitters

Add 6 whole nutmeg to a whole bottle of Angostura and let sit for 1 week. Strain out nutmeg and reserve infused Angostura for later use.


Make the Drink

Combine all of the ingredients in your cocktail tin, add a small amount of pebbled or crushed ice and implement the whip shake*.

Shake until all of the ice has dissipated and then pour over fresh crushed ice in your goblet cocktail glass or a brandy Snifter.

Make it Fancy

Add slightly more ice to create an ice mountain peak. Lightly beat a mint sprig on the side of your hand and your glass to release the aromatics, and place the mint in the glass.

Then grate fresh nutmeg and coffee beans over the drink.

Finish by adding three whole coffee beans to the top of the drink for good luck.

*Author’s Note: The whip shake is meant to be implemented for cocktails that go over pebbled or crushed ice (Scotsman) to minimize and control proper dilution. If you don't have pebbled or  crushed ice you can use a Lewis Bag (Viski is a common brand) to create your own crushed ice preferably from 2 inch cubes (Tovolo makes ice cube trays in this size).

Ingredients for

The King Kahlua Cocktail

1 oz Kahlúa
1 oz Hine Rare VSOP
1 oz Elmhurst cashew cream
1/2 oz Averna (or Montenegro Amaro)
2 dashes nutmeg infused Angostura (*see recipe)
1 bottle Angostura
6 whole nutmeg
mint sprig
whole nutmeg
Whole coffee beans

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The King Kahlua Cocktail

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