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Finding Your Wine Palate
Here are two general rules for wine pairing
San Diego In a Glass
Pure Project Brewing’s Lief, an American gueuze, features the purest sense of terroir a beer can possess
Booch, Please
Get to know the SCOBY and other kombucha basics

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Spiced Pear Collins Cocktail Recipe
This orchard inspired cocktail balances a perfect amount of fall
Original Hussong’s Cantina Margarita
The original recipe from Hussong's Cantina that may have inspired America's favorite "Mexican" cocktail
The Brandy Daisy Cocktail Recipe That Might Have Inspired the Margarita
The Brandy Daisy is almost exactly like a Margarita
Mezcal and Mango Margarita
Use smokey mezcal and mango to make this modern take on the tequila margarita
Watermelon Mint CBD Mocktail
This mocktail with watermelon and mint is a delicious, healthy, and relaxing treat even without the CBD, so sip, cool off, and enjoy
Figaro, Figaro—A Fig and Bourbon Cocktail Recipe
Your new favorite seasonal bourbon cocktail is made with a roasted mission fig syrup
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