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San Diego In a Glass
Pure Project Brewing’s Lief, an American gueuze, features the purest sense of terroir a beer can possess
Booch, Please
Get to know the SCOBY and other kombucha basics
Pairing Food With Fruity Ciders
Don’t worry. It’s hard to make a "pour" decision
Brewing Good Vibes, Great Beer
Stone Brewing continues expansion of Buena beverages and support for local charities like Surfrider San Diego
Behind the Bar with Laura Price
The craft cocktails are a special attraction at this San Diego tasting room and we’re talking to the mastermind behind them 
Liquid Assets: Frozen Drinks to Fall For
Here's three ways to cope with a fall heat wave like an adult
San Diego County Home to Award-Winning Wineries
There are over 140 wineries in San Diego County today

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Cutwater Mai Tai Recipe
Beverage ambassador Laura Price shares one of her favorite cocktails to make
Honey Ginger Lime CBD Mocktail
Here's one way to awaken and refresh with a beverage
Sea Salt Orange Peel Hot Cocoa
Curl up with this comforting, warm mocktail that combines salty, sweet, and citrus flavors
Mezcal and Mango Margarita
Use smokey mezcal and mango to make this modern take on the tequila margarita
The Brandy Daisy Cocktail Recipe That Might Have Inspired the Margarita
The Brandy Daisy is almost exactly like a Margarita
Original Hussong’s Cantina Margarita
The original recipe from Hussong's Cantina that may have inspired America's favorite "Mexican" cocktail
Plant-Based Hazelnut-Cacao Nut Milk
Here's a healthier way to scratch that hazelnut-chocolate itch
Apple Pomegranate Ginger CBD Mocktail Recipe
Lean into fall with this revitalizing beverage recipe
Stone Fruit In Session Cocktail Recipe
Turn your favorite summer stone fruits into a shrub to carry on the season
Spiced Pear Collins Cocktail Recipe
This orchard inspired cocktail balances a perfect amount of fall
Figaro, Figaro—A Fig and Bourbon Cocktail Recipe
Your new favorite seasonal bourbon cocktail is made with a roasted mission fig syrup
Watermelon Mint CBD Mocktail
This mocktail with watermelon and mint is a delicious, healthy, and relaxing treat even without the CBD, so sip, cool off, and enjoy
Watermelon Limeade with Tajín Rim
Late summer watermelon makes the base for this refreshing yet spicy limeade that's the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and sour—a shot of tequila wouldn't be out of place here either
Super-Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory Golden Chai
Sip on a sweet and spicy golden elixir
The King Kahlua Cocktail
Though many craft cocktail bartenders find the liqueur unsophisticated, to Dylan Duncan McRae, bartender at Hundred Proof, Kahlúa is a nostalgic flavor. He crafted this decidedly adult beverage as an ode to the creamy, coffee-forward spirit.
Brain Power Matcha Berry Smoothie
Bustling with antioxidants, fibers, and healthy fats, this simple recipe will nourish your busy day. Recipe by Fernanda Larson, MS, CN.
Cinnamon Bacanora & Cold Brew Cocktail
This Java Lamp – Bacanora & Coffee Cocktail Recipe, made with Dark Horse cold brew coffee and cinnamon syrup, is is the perfect fall energy booster.
Side Salad
Tomas Kha – Sotol, Coconut & Ginger Cocktail
Garnish this Tomas Kha – Sotol, Coconut & Ginger Cocktail with ginger, coconut chips and lime zest for an antioxidant-rich recipe.
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Rose's Tasting Room

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