San Diego County is home to over 140 wineries and vineyards. The region continues to gain acclaim from wine enthusiasts who say San Diego is just beginning to unlock its full potential as an important wine region in California.

The county’s complex terroirs with varied microclimates have been perfect for wine grape growing since the first Spanish friars set foot in San Diego and began the tradition of viticulture in California. The region allows for the cultivation of over 60 different grape varieties, with area wineries producing a wide range of varietals including interesting whites like Albariño and Moscato to flavorful reds such as Cabernet and Syrah, and everything in between. And many of these wines are regularly winning gold medals.

The ways to enjoy San Diego wines are diverse, too. From stylish urban wineries to award-winning tasting rooms and picturesque vineyards, San Diego provides an array of ways to discover artisanal wines. Wine festivals hosted by the San Diego County Vintners Association and the Ramona Valley Vintners Association enable wine lovers to taste an assortment of varietals and meet the winemakers pioneering wine production in San Diego.

Next time you’re looking for a relaxing adventure in San Diego County, pick a winery, pull up a chair, and be prepared to sip delicious wines made with heart.

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