For those who don’t know, Veganuary is a movement that was started by a UK based nonprofit in 2014 and has since continued to inspire a growing number of people from over 190 countries to try a vegan lifestyle for 31 days. It’s the perfect time as many of us are ready to set healthy goals in a new year or practice cruelty-free or intentional eating without a long-term commitment. A record-breaking number of over 500,000 people have made the pledge in 2021 and grocery retailers like Aldi expect vegan food sales to double in the month of January as a direct result.

Some are motivated to join the trend for various reasons, but most notably for us, it simply sounds like fun. And not just for a month. Testimonies from past participants reveal a further commitment to retaining a vegan lifestyle, while others, like myself, look for opportunities to increase the number of plant-based meals in the everyday routine. (See the article about becoming a reducetarian by Erin Jackson linked below.)

If anything, it’s a time to discover that plant-based eating can be highly nutritious and incredibly delicious. So whether you’ve taken the pledge to eat meat-free this month or you’re looking for satisfying and healthy dishes to boost veggies in your diet, here are a dozen recipes to keep handy for Veganuary and beyond. 

  1. A 10-minute Vegan Soba Noodle Salad perfect for lunch or dinner.
  2. This roasted beet sandwich might leave you committed to ditching lunchmeat forever.
  3. Sweet kimchi-spiced cucumbers and radishes are perfect for snacking or garnishing almost any meal.
  4. Dump everything in an Instant Pot for a savory Sweet Potato Poblano Burrito Bowl.
  5. Live your best brunch life with vegan lemon poppy seed pancakes.
  6. Banana bread chia pudding makes for easy batch prep and grab-and-go weekday breakfasts.
  7. Learn the basics of a vegan Mediterranean pasta salad and you’ll never go hungry.
  8. Find a substitute for honey in this recipe and you’ve got a pea-shoot and watermelon radish salad to dream about for spring.
  9. Our readers flock to this rustic Spanish stew with coconut milk and plantains. (Seriously, we’ve gotten messages and some of you are obsessed.)
  10. Good cheers are guaranteed with this sweet potato toast.
  11. Cook a creamy baked potato soup that will leave you craving for more.  
  12. Thai-inspired mushroom stuffed sweet potatoes are satisfying enough to feed a firehouse.
  13. To placate your sweet tooth, let’s call it a baker’s dozen with oat and coconut cookies that you’ll want to snack on all day. 

Do you love living a plant-based lifestyle? Tell us more about what you keep stocked in your kitchen or what you like to cook for a chance to be featured by Edible San Diego.

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