Coat Da-Le Ranch Heritage Chicken with a sweet and spicy dry brine and roast in the oven on top of juicy summer peaches and creamy yukon potatoes in this easy one pan meal. The chicken drippings, or schmaltz, and peach juice melt together to create a luscious pan sauce perfect for drizzling

About the Contributor
Haley Hazell
As a freelance food stylist, visual designer and recipe developer, for Haley it is all about balance –– balancing careers, tastes and textures. Haley attended culinary school at San Francisco Cooking School and recently relocated to San Diego, where she is getting to know this amazing county one taco shop at a time. She loves to cook and eat with the seasons, letting the amazing peak produce from her local farmers market inspire her recipe writing. To her, simple and delicious recipes start with quality ingredients and end with full bellies and plates licked clean.