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Main dish recipes perfect for decadent dinner parties or a quick and hearty meal.

Main Dish
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Main Dish

Sweet and Sticky Pineapple Pork Ribs (Video)
Watch how easy it is to make irresistible, sticky-sweet, oven-roasted, Da-Le Ranch baby back ribs
Barbecue-Spiced Roast Chicken with Peaches and Potatoes
Roast barbecue-spiced chicken with basil, peaches, and potatoes and fall in love with the one-dish summer sensation that's flexible enough for every season
A Chef at Sea and His Mouth-Numbing Hot Sauce
Baja California flavors balance Sichuan heat
Dueling Pacific Rockfish Ceviche
Let the flavorful notes of pineapple and mint or mango and cilantro duel it out for best summer ceviche

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Main Dish

Breakfast for Dinner Savory Oatmeal Bowl
More like breakfast all day long—this bowl is so simple and satisfying you’ll want to reinvent it for every meal
Superfood Mahi-Mahi with Green Garlic and Fioretto Cauliflower
This recipe was created by Chef Lando of Enclave Superfoods. She made this dish with mahi-mahi caught by Pacific Horizon Fishing and green garlic and Fioretto cauliflower from Chino Farm. It's fresh and minimal, demonstrating that quality ingredients need very little fuss to achieve dynamic flavors. Thinly sliced leeks make for a great substitute when green garlic is unavailable or out of season.
Grilled Spiny Lobster in Wild Wood Sorrel Compound Butter with Beurre Blanc
A simply decadent lobster recipe fit for San Diego foragers that’s guaranteed to impress
Roasted Chile-Lime Chicken Drumsticks
Add a little seasoning to chicken drumsticks, roast them in the oven, and have a kid-friendly main dish in no time
Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles) with Chicken
Chef Prissana "Fern" Tran of The Florence shares her recipe for pad kee mao, drunken noodles with chicken. "Drunken noodles got their name after a long night of drinking, because you are hungry, and either you or the street food vendors can take whatever is on hand and throw it together for a quick, hearty meal. But it has to be spicy.”
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