A nacho and stuffed tortilla bar with three homemade salsas. Image courtesy of Lindsay Smith.

Inspired by the Kitchenistas, tonight's entertaining menu is comprised of a self-serve topping bar, flour and corn tortillas, corn chips, tons of fresh veggies, homemade queso, elote, guacamole, and pickled carrots. The table is set with all the things needed to make the perfect nachos or stuffed tortillas. This makes for an incredibly easy meal to prepare that you know will be high in flavor and suitable to a variety of guests.

And at the epicenter of all that flavor? A trinity of homemade salsa. Because what is a Mexican-inspired meal without it?

Here, we highlight three different types of salsa that can be made according to your personal heat preferences depending on the amount of jalapeños you choose to use.

fresh and easy salsa

The first recipe is for a Fresh and Easy Salsa, which is exactly how it sounds ... fresh and easy.

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Fresh and Easy Salsa. Image courtesy of Lindsay Smith.

roasted tomato salsa

Then, there's a Roasted Tomato Salsa that serves up robust flavors.

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Roasted tomato salsa. Image courtesy of Lindsay Smith.

fresh salsa verde

And the trio is finished with a fresh salsa verde full of tomatillos, avocado, and all the vibrant green flavors you could possibly want!

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Fresh Salsa Verde. Image courtesy of Lindsay Smith.
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