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LuckyBolt's Overnight Oat Porridge

Overnight oats are a much healthier alternative to sugary cereals and a good source of whole grains and fiber. Even picky eaters can usually find a flavor they like.

Ready to make your own nutritious overnight oats? Check out this recipe below from LuckyBolt.

Should you have need to have someone take care of meal prep for you, try LuckyBolt for yourself.

Illustrations by Lulu Yueming Qu with intro by Kai Oliver-Kurtin and recipes by Kris Schlesser, owner of LuckyBolt, from the feature Overnight Sensations.

Ingredients for

LuckyBolt's Overnight Oat Porridge


1 cup rolled oats

4 cups water

1 ¼ teaspoons salt

Optional flavorings (see below)


5 16-ounce glass jars with lids

2 ½ cups rolled oats, divided

5 teaspoons chia seeds, divided

Yields 5 pint jars, one for each weekday

Instructions for

LuckyBolt's Overnight Oat Porridge


Soak oats in water for 1 to 2 hours. Transfer to a high-speed blender, along with salt and optional flavors (see Frequently Asked Questions below), and blend into a smooth, homogeneous consistency. There’s no need to strain this mixture.

Oat milk pro tip: If in a hurry, simply add dry oats and water to the blender without soaking and you will still get a good result. The mixture is a bit smoother if you allow the oats to hydrate before blending. Also, flex this oat milk recipe with preferred sweeteners or flavors and make it your own.


Prepare 5 clean glass jars by adding ½ cup of dry rolled oats and 1 teaspoon of chia seeds to each jar. Pour 1 cup of oat milk into each jar and apply lids tightly. There should be some remaining space in the jar.

Shake each jar to mix the dry oats and chia seeds with the oat milk. Refrigerate jars for at least 2 hours while the dry oats and chia seeds hydrate. The longer you wait, the creamier the resulting consistency will be.

You can take the oats any direction from this point but here are a few ideas:

Quick & Healthy

Simply enjoy the oats just as they are straight from the jar. This is an excellent low-sugar, fiber-packed breakfast or snack. If you prefer to avoid sugary foods, you’ll find these will hit the spot without adding much else to them.

Quick & Healthy + A Little Sweet

Add sliced fruit or berries along with nuts or seeds. You can use fresh or dried fruit such as raisins, chopped dates, apricots, etc. Add a little drizzle of honey or maple syrup if you want a touch of sweetness. If you don’t have fresh fruit, you can also add a few spoonfuls of jam or fruit preserves.

Make it High Protein 

Add a generous dollop of nut or seed butter.

Use it in a Smoothie

Substitute your oats for store-bought milk alternatives in any smoothie recipe.

Frequently asked

Questions About This Recipe

How do you keep overnight oats from getting boring?

Easy, keep things flexible and try alternating flavors from week to week. Here's two ideas from LuckyBolt to start with.

Optional Oat Milk Flavors

Citrus Spice Oat Milk Flavoring

½ teaspoon ground cardamom

1 teaspoon orange zest

Cinnamon Vanilla Oat Milk Flavoring

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Notes & Thoughts

What new overnight oat flavors can you mix up?

To keep things interesting, we asked writer Kai Oliver-Kurtin to try putting an overnight oats routine into practice.

Here are the recipe tips she came up with.

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