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Food as Medicine: A Life-Changing Fermented Breakfast Swap
Jeanne Grosset is a Natural Health Specialist and instructor at UCSD Extension. She talks about a wellness journey that started with morning soup
Overnight Sensations
Why overnight oats should be your go-to breakfast
Good Morning Crew
Two San Diego chefs from South Jersey dish about food, family, and what makes for a good morning with your loved ones

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Jumbo Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
Finally—a healthy, chocolatey, satisfying breakfast muffin
Classic Blueberry Muffins
This muffin recipe is perfect for weekend baking
Huevos Divorciados
Chef Drew Bent of Lola 55 shares his recipe for Huevos Divorciados
Breakfast for Dinner
More like breakfast all day long—this bowl is so simple and satisfying you’ll want to reinvent it for every meal
Egg Enchiladas with Pepita and Tomato-Lime Sauces (Papadzules)
Make enchiladas for breakfast with this recipe inspired by a traditional dish from the Yucatan Peninsula
Overnight Essentials
I Tried It—LuckyBolt’s Overnight Oat Porridge. Here's how I made it work for me
LuckyBolt's Overnight Oat Porridge
This 100% made from scratch recipe for overnight oats cuts out the need for store bought milk options thanks to a blender
Vegan "Chicken" n' Waffles
Cold brew coffee is the secret ingredient in these waffles and fried oyster mushrooms are better than chicken
Pork Roll with Roasted Potatoes, Fried Eggs, and Grilled Bread
A breakfast recipe that proves you can take a chef out of New Jersey, but the Taylor Pork Roll is coming with the chef
Apple Cider Doughnuts
A New Jersey tradition finds itself right at home in San Diego with this Apple Cider Doughnut recipe perfect for pleasing a crowd
Ginger-Vanilla Loquat Jam
This jam with ginger and a hint of vanilla will allow you to enjoy loquats all year
Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes
Talk about a decadent breakfast—these healthy, gluten-free, vegan chocolate pancakes are made with Pinole Chia Oatmeal and are delicious and oh-so-fluffy
Savory Morning Oats
Haley Hazell is inspiring us to get out of our breakfast rut—jammy egg optional
Amaze Bars
Easy to make and even easier to eat
Tomato & Saffron Jam
A classic recipe from executive chef Todd Allison
Comforting Challah French Toast with Spiced Apples and Walnuts Template
Pile roasted apples with cinnamon-spiced syrup onto buttery French toast
Stone Fruit & Edible Flower Clafoutis
Whip a creamy, custard-like clafoutis with favorite fruits for an easy-bake breakfast
Super-Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory Golden Chai
Sip on a sweet and spicy golden elixir
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Stuffed with White Cheddar on Brioche French Toast
This dish is the perfect balance of decadent and indulgent
Breakfast-for-Lunch Hot Smoked Salmon Salad
Make this salad when you're craving the flavors of a lox bagel (minus the carbs)
Brain Power Matcha Berry Smoothie
Bustling with antioxidants, fibers, and healthy fats, this simple recipe will nourish your busy day. Recipe by Fernanda Larson, MS, CN.
Protein Packed Nutty Yogurt Cream with Banana & Crunchy Cinnamon Chickpeas
Greek yogurt contains all essential amino acids, and a typical 6-ounce serving provides about 20 grams of protein. In this recipe, protein-packed Greek yogurt blends with rich almond butter to create a creamy spread. Cinnamon-toasted chickpeas top off this breakfast ensemble with a crunch. Recipe by Maggie Wissler, Bastyr University California nutrition student.
Egg-cellent Morning Sandwich
This egg muffin is excellent for a morning breakfast on the go
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