Like an apple, the Specialty Produce App fits in the palm of your hand, ready for you to sink your teeth in. With each bite comes a taste of history, culture, and culinary tradition that encourages diversity for our planet and our plate. This is why we share the stories of fruits and vegetables, and can’t help but dish out the juicy details to help expand your appetite.

Hero photo: Cara Cara Oranges. This photo: Mamey Sapote. Images: Specialty Produce.

Specialty Produce's research is persistent, and we go to the ends of the earth—literally—to keep our content fresh. With a hunger for knowledge, our team travels around the globe foraging for new, unique produce items, local folklore, and cooking customs in order to cultivate education around foods vital role in this world, both inside and out of the kitchen. We serve up information that will keep you craving more, but don’t worry, we would never leave you with an empty plate—with thousands of article entries in our ever-growing library, there’s plenty to digest.

Pink Celery. Image: Specialty Produce.

Indulge on the rich history and current affairs of your favorite foods, or acquire a taste for rare, exotic produce items through eye-candy photos and mouthwatering descriptions that manifest flavor and texture on the tip of your tongue. Tempt your tastebuds as you explore thousands of recipes to sprout ideas for your next culinary quest, and easily save your favorites to your personal in-app cookbook for future kitchen endeavors. Ready to sink your teeth into something new? Branch out beyond the bleak monotony of mainstream agriculture with the help of our global in-app Share Market, where you will find local specialty marketplaces and discover seasonal items available near you.

Mangosteens. Image: Specialty Produce.

Join Specialty Produce for a feast as we bring the freshest and fullest information to the table and download the Specialty Produce App today!

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