April 22, 2021 is earmarked for a Happy Earth Day to all of us riding this crazy-beautiful rock around the sun. If there was ever a time for change—let it be now—and let it be known that the solutions we seek to many of our environmental and societal issues can be found within our food system. The most valued part of our mission as a food media company is to highlight these connections to our community and promote more of the health and wellness that it can offer to each of us personally and the planet.

This month, to celebrate Earth and the life she gives, we’ve collected 30 stories (one for each day of April) that demonstrate the benefits of eating local, thinking global, and the people that make it their work to be a part of the solution.


Consider carbon solutions and the health of our soil...

  1. Farmer’s Footprint: A Soil Crisis and a Regenerative Solution
  2. Edible Bookshelf: Why Everyone Should Read Kiss the Ground

The importance of farming carbon—because it turns out that this produces more nutritious produce (SD Press Club, 2019 Excellence in Journalism award winner).

  1. Could Carbon Farming Slow Down or Reverse Climate Change

It was a pretty big deal to have Elly Brown, executive director of the San Diego Food System Alliance, help us frame out the food system solutions that can close gaps in local-level climate policy in. (SD Press Club, 2020 Excellence in Journalism award winner)

  1. Confronting Climate Change at a Local Level in San Diego County

So, how can we help our local farmers?

  1. San Diego County Farmers Need Our Help to Survive

Sunken Seaweed
Pacifico Aquaculture
Sunken Seaweed
Pacifico Aquaculture
Sonora Refillery
Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

No need to have fears about the environmental realities we need to overcome because food is the medicine. Not to over-romanticize because food isn’t a cure-all but eating more fresh, local veggies and fruits sure tastes better and will make you feel better than anything you can get from sitting in a drive-thru.

  1. How to Become a Reducetarian and Maybe Save the Planet
  2. Food as Medicine: 5 Health Benefits of Eating Local
  3. Living Local Episode 5: Dr. Sabrina Falquier Montgrain on Food as Medicine
  4. Food as Medicine: 5 Ways Chili Peppers Can Help You Fight Disease and Illness
  5. A Dozen Plant-Based Dishes to Enjoy All Year

If you do eat meat, one thing is clear, we need to be...

  1. Building a Better Meat System
Lucy Wheeler
Lucy Wheeler
Lucy Wheeler
Lucy Wheeler

It’s seriously going to take a village to help resolve some of these environmental issues, but this is just a shortlist of people working to make a difference because the best things about us humans is our tenacity and resilience.

  1. San Diego County Nonprofits Fighting for Change Through Social Enterprise
  2. Community is Key to Creating Lasting Change in the San Diego County Food System
  3. The Food Rescue of 1000 Fishes
  4. An Invitation to Bluebirds
  5. Beyond the Plate: San Diego Nonprofit Gives Gardens to Food Insecure Communities
  6. How to Manifest

By now, we hope you’re feeling passionate and ready to continue on with the cause and maybe we can even fill the gaps between environmental and food justice issues together with a conscientous spirit. Look for more new original stories and recipes related to these topics on our website daily.


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