This year has been interesting but it’s still Thanksgiving and we’re attempting to make the most of it.  

For those that are still cooking a big (or tiny) feast, we collected three different recipes for each classic turkey day (or tofurkey day) dish from our archives and favorites from our Edible Communities network around the country. 

We also realize that even with smaller guest lists this Thanksgiving, the effort to cook a full spread is a time-intensive task you might not be up for during a global pandemic. Thankfully—many San Diego restaurants are offering Thanksgiving Dinners to go. 

Photo by Chris Rov Costa

So, whether you want a traditional turkey dinner or a gourmet, farm-to-table spread, this roundup of holiday menus offers plenty of options.


From a traditional herb roast to a Middle Eastern-spice blend, your turkey will steal the show with one of these recipes. Looking for a local bird? Check out the holiday turkeys from Da-Le Ranch.


Whether you prefer traditional giblet or a wild mushroom, gravy is a vital key to blanket each Thanksgiving staple with deliciousness.

Photo by Lindsay Kreighbaum
Photo by Olivia Hayo
Photo by Lindsay Kreighbaum
Photo by Olivia Hayo

Alternative Vegetarian Main Entrees

Skipping turkey this holiday? We have you covered. The two vegetarian options can be made vegan with a few easy swaps using plant-based cheese and coconut milk in lieu of cream.

Cranberry Sauce

Whether you love them or not, cranberries are a staple on the table. Skip the can this season and try a fresh version.


If you don’t have stuffing on the table, is it even Thanksgiving? We love these fun versions of this traditional dish. 

Green Beans 

But without the casserole. From a simple roasted batch to green beans with an Indian twist, you can still enjoy these classic veggies even if you don’t want the typical heavy casserole version.

Photo by Olivia Hayo


Three words: carbs, carbs, carbs. What else is going to mop up the gravy or be the vessel for your leftover Thanksgiving sandwich? 


The “healthier” carbs. We had to include a classic mashed version but feel free to mix it up with cheesy gratins or Thai-spiced sweet potatoes.


Last, but definitely not least. We recommend making all three because who just has one dessert at Thanksgiving?

Photo Courtesy of Rusticucina

San Diego Restaurants Offering To-Go Menus

  • If you are looking to splurge on Turkey Day, Rancho Valencia’s stunning Thanksgiving To-Go is the answer. They offer the whole package as well as gourmet hors d'oeuvres and starters.
  • Rusticucina is serving a three-course menu with three different choices for each dish; think traditional meets farm-to-table.

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