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A Chef’s Recipe for Garden Chimichurri

Recipe by Ryan Orlando

Chef Ryan Orlando styled this stunning salad for The Plot in Oceanside using plums from Sage Hill Ranch Gardens and tomatoes from the Plot Garden Project. It’s truly wondrous how delicious two ingredients can be when dressed with the right sauce. 

That’s because the right sauce can make almost anything a dish. 

Want to try making a cover salad for yourself? Here’s Orlando’s recipe for a garden chimichurri. While this recipe was designed to use up an assortment of herbs and greens from The Plot Garden Project, it might be exactly what you need to say goodbye to that bag of wilting salad mix in the back of the fridge.

Ingredients for

A Chef’s Recipe for Garden Chimichurri

175 grams assorted garden herbs and greens

3 Thai bird chilis

80 grams pitted dates

100 grams orange juice

150 grams red wine vinegar

30 grams garlic cloves

20 grams salt

300 grams neutral oil (like avocado)

Instructions for

A Chef’s Recipe for Garden Chimichurri

Place everything except the oil into a blender and start to blend on a low-medium speed. While blending, slowly add your oil until all is emulsified into chimichurri consistency. 

Pair this dressing with tomatoes and plums, garnish with herbs and edible flowers if you have them, and enjoy.

Frequently asked

Questions About This Recipe

How do you cook in grams? 

Chefs write recipes and cook in grams so this recipe is being presented in grams. Use a kitchen scale to weigh out your ingredients for exact measurements. It really is the best way to ensure consistency in what you are trying to replicate and achieve when preparing a recipe. If you don’t have a scale, try to convert grams to ounces, cups, and tablespoons with an online conversion tool.


Notes & Thoughts

Who knew hyper-seasonal cooking could look like this? This recipe comes to you in perfect timing to enjoy the last stone fruits and tomatoes of summer. As plums become harder to find in season, chef Orlando encourages you to try substituting them with persimmons in this recipe as they come into season at the tail end of fall. That’s what you call transitional and flexible cooking too.

Growing a Food Revolution

Read more about The Plot Garden Project featured in our fall 2022 issue. The small garden helps to supply 20–30% of the produce used at this truly plant-based and eco-minded Oceanside restaurant.

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