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Easy Dinner Recipes

Make hearty, healthy, satisfying dinners with basic ingredients and a few simple steps.

Easy Dinner Recipes
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Easy Dinner Recipes

Sweet and Sticky Pineapple Pork Ribs (Video)
Watch how easy it is to make irresistible, sticky-sweet, oven-roasted, Da-Le Ranch baby back ribs

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Easy Dinner Recipes

Sweet and Sticky Pineapple Pork Ribs
Pineapple and lime juices double as a tenderizing marinade and an irresistibly sticky-sweet glaze on these oven-roasted Da-Le Ranch baby back ribs
How to Braise Merguez-Inspired Lamb Shanks with Fennel and Onions
Braised lamb shanks, fennel and onion in a rich and spicy bone broth
John Park’s Quick Poke
The guy behind the simple genius of Fish 101 in Cardiff and Leucadia knows how to throw together a poke bowl—but this is the version he prepares at home
Lemon Pepper Tuna and White Bean Tartine
Zesty lemon, peppery arugula, creamy white beans, and crunchy red onion make this salad as good on it’s own as it is atop crusty toast
10-Minute Miso Soup
Jeanne Grosset, a Natural Health Specialist and Cooking Instructor at UCSD, starts her day with a warm cup of miso soup, which is as easy to make as a cup of coffee, with far more health benefits.
15-Minute Salmon Sandwiches with Homemade Tartar
With creamy, tangy homemade tartar sauce and peppery arugula, this fish sandwich tastes like an elevated version of a classic, but takes less than 15-minutes to prepare.
10-Minute Vegan Soba Salad
This flexible recipe is perfect for fridge clean-out nights. A few spoonfuls of hummus add creaminess to the sauce and the suggested veggies can be swapped for whatever you have on hand. Even the buckwheat noodles can be replaced by spaghetti if that's what you have. And it all comes together in less than ten minutes.
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